Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blog Candy Alert!!

Well things are going well here. My mother in law seems to be rallying for the time being. My sister in law is holding her own for now! Thank you everyone for your prayers!

So to celebrate, I'm offering a little blog candy. But you have to work for it!! The first person who can tell me who's house this is in the picture wins this sweet set of jars of flocking!

Here is the house

Here is your blog candy


Shirley Smith said...

Thomas Kinkade ?????????

Glad things are going better. We miss you here.

Nancy said...

No I wish I wat that close to Thomas Kinkades house though lol. I miss you girls lots, and thanks for feeding Terry last night!!

Shirley Smith said...

Prescott House ??????????

Nancy said...

You win Shirley, just for effort lol. It's "Mr. Irvings" house here in NB...yeah the guy with all the money lol