Monday, November 2, 2009

Hi everyone! An important announcement to make so please take a quick minute to read this. Donna MacAdams ( owner of The Stamping Room) and I have decided it would be a good idea to move the classes down to her store on Medford road. Donna has spent the last few months renovationg the "Dome" and it's amazing! She's also got a separate room there now where we will be having classes! YAY!!! Donna has much more room than I do at the present time and knowing my husband as I do, my classroom in the basement is years away (quite possibly decades away unless they cancel star treck reruns)!

So from now on, All of my classes will be held at The Stamping Room. I have just updated the blog with the new class list until the new year. We're having a lot of fun at classes, learning a lot of new things and just being with people that "get what we do" is an amazing experience!

so why not join us for a class or two! Come on down to "The stamp room", I have given Donna some samples of the upcoming classes for displays and hope to get the rest of them to her by the weeks end. Unless otherwise posted on the list, all classes are $15.00 and all supplies are included. Weekday classes are from 7-10 and sunday classes are from 1-4

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